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Drop Ship Programme



Great news! Now we offer a business opportunity for individuals or small businesses to start their own online selling via our drop shipping method. Drop shipping is a method in which seller does not keep inventory, and Pelangi will ship all the order goods directly to your customer. You are not required invest huge amount of capital, you just need to upload our products images to your online platform and sell! It’s that simple!

Advantages of Drop Ship

1. Starting a business with zero inventory. You don't have to worry about keeping your own stock, as it can be risky and costly.

2. Focus on sales and marketing. We take the tedious job of purchasing, importing, stocking, quality checking, packaging, shipping, and resources management.

3. Great discount on products. You order from us at a discount, and as you sell more and more, the discount will be greater.

4. Work from anywhere.

5. Flexible working hours.


Drop Ship Discount

1. When you sign up this program with us, we will upgrade your account as Lite Agent, thereby you are entitled to 5% discount* on the products prices.

2. After which you have sold more than RM5,000 worth of products in one month, you could request for an upgrade to Pro Agent, thereby you would enjoy 8% discount* on the products prices.


3. Items from Bargain Corner you can still sell but are not entitled for agent discount.

4. Items with special price are promotional items. For these items, no discount will be entitled for Lite/Pro agent.

How to sign up as a drop ship AGENT?

1. Send your details to our email (refer as below).

   Full Name as per I/C:
   Facebook/Instagram/Blogs/Websites/Wechat/LINE link:
   Permanent Address:
   Contact Number:

2. Once approved, you'll receive a notification email from us for further payment. A non-refundable RM106 inclusive 6% GST payment to be made at:

   Malayan Banking Berhad
   Account name: Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.
   Account number: 5012-7100-0699

         And, send your receipt proof to dropship@pelangibooks.com

3. We will upgrade account type to Lite Agent once verified, within 7 working days.

4. Once verified, you may pick the products that you like on our website and you can start to market as many products as you like, through online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Website and more.

5. Place your customer order on our website, payment through bank in, receipt proof will required from you to notify us via email to dropship@pelangibooks.com

a) Bank in / Bank Transfer: Malayan Banking Berhad
       Account name: Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.
       Account number: 5012-7100-0699

b) MolPay, both party we and you will received a notification of the payment made.

6. We will process and ship your customer order.

7. Tracking number will be emailed to you.

8. Customer received your products. If there are delays or changes with the shipment, you are required to follow up with the respective courier to help your customer to expedite the delivery.

9. Please go through the FAQ section below thoroughly, your questions / concerns are answered the section below.

My account has been upgraded to Lite Agent, what now?

1. Login your ID and password to our website and you shall see Lite Agent pricing for all products

    a) Copy the photos of the products and post it on your Facebook, Instagram, Blogs or Websites for promotion

    b) You can sell at any price you want, same or higher, not lower. Except price in Bargain Corner.

2. Place your order with us

    a) Place your customer order on our website www.PelangiBooks.com

    b) Key in your address in the billing information

    c) Key in your customer address as the shipping address

* Your order will be hold for 3 working days, we are unable to hold order longer than that, as our system will automatically cancel orders which is not paid within 3 working days

3. Make Payment

    a) Pay the amount due in the invoice (exact amount) to our bank accounts within 3 days. Any excess payment will be converted into shopping e-voucher.

    b) Fill in the payment details to proceed payment

    c) If you have many orders in a day, please do the transaction for every each customer as these will be ship to your different customers

* If your payment does not match with the invoice value, your order will not be processed as we have not received the full payment. Thus, kindly email us if you think there is a mistake with the invoice.

* Some agents pay 5% or 8 % less from the invoice total, thinking that they are getting extra 5% or 8%, which is INCORRECT, once you’ve logged in to your account the products price showed exactly agent price, what you see is what you need to pay. If payment does not match the invoice value, your order will be put on hold, as we need to wait for the full payment.

* For agents that makes few orders per day, please complete the payment for every each order, rather than 1 lump sum for few orders.

4. Processing of Order

    a) We are unable to cope with urgent orders, if your customer would like it urgently, it is advisable to buy from a retail store rather than disappointing your customer.

    b) Most order will be shipped within 5-7 working days

    c) 10 -15 working days needed if there are unforeseen circumstance such like surge in volume, resources shortage, we seek your understanding on this.

5. Shipment

    a) We will ship to your customer order within 5-7 working days

    b) We will email tracking number to you once the items has shipped through email

    c) In the case of shipment delay from courier, kindly contact the respective courier service provider to do follow up with your customer shipment updates (with the tracking number given)


1. Is there any minimum purchase?


2. Are the stocks preorder?

Most of our products on our website are ready stock. We do have stocks preorder, but to be approved on case-by-case basis.

3. How do I know if the products are in stock?

All products on our website are in stock, the products will not appear or with status ‘out of print’ when it is out of stock. Even if it does appear, you will not be able to add to cart.

4. How much is the postage?

We charge different rates according to the weight of the books. You may find out more in our checkout section once the books are selected and the shipping charges will appear for your reference.

5. Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, For more information, check out on our Delivery Rates & Policy

6. Which courier service do you use for shipment?

Our delivery service provider is PosLaju and Gdex.

7. Do you ship to other countries?

For this drop ship programme, only shipment within Malaysia is allowed.

8. Do you provide tracking number?

Yes, all shipment comes with tracking number, we will email the tracking number to you within 5-7 working days when we ship your customer's order. Please do not rush us for tracking number.

9. Is there any registration fee?

Yes, a non-refundable RM106 inclusive 6% GST payment made payable to:

Malayan Banking Berhad Account name: Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.

Account number: 5012-7100-0699

10. When can I start selling?

Sign up as an www.PelangiBooks.com user using your email address and fill in the details required. We will reply within 7 working days, and by then you should be able to start selling.

11. Can I use your product photos for selling?

Once you have our approval you may use our product photos for promotion purposes.

12. How much discount do I get?

All new agents start with Lite Agent and are entitled for 5% discount from our retail price. After you have achieved RM5000 sales, we will upgrade your account to Pro Agent and you will be entitled to 8% discount.

13. Can I buy your products for my own use?


14. Can I post your products on my Facebook before I join the program?

No, you’ll need to register with us first and made payment to us with review within 7 days only you can post our products in your selling platform

15. How do I make payment?

Malayan Banking Berhad 

Account name: Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.

Account number: 5012-7100-0699

And, send your receipt proof to dropship@pelangibooks.com