Young Learners Classic Readers (Set)

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With Young Learners Classic Readers, Young English language learners will enjoy developing their vocabulary and reading fluency with these easy-to-read adaptations of well-known tales for children. Each reader includes the following features:


  • A short introduction about the author and/or story
  • A picture gallery of important characters before the story
  • A story including full-colour illustrations and highlighted dialog for easy recognition of spoken language
  • A short playlet for classroom performance
  • A picture dictionary of less familiar words for beginning readers

Level 1
Designed for learners who already have a general grasp of phonics, the stories in level 1 are written for students who want practice with word recognition, sentence pattern identification, as well as sentence structure repetition.

Level 2
With 8 titles to choose from, Stories from level 2 offer sentences 4-6 words in length as well 24-32 new vocabulary words per book-similar to the stories in the previous in the level. Furthermore, all stories in level 1and 2 are approximately 20 pages long.

Level 3
In level 3, word count inscreases to 800 words per story and each story offers between 32 to 40 new words. However, page count remains the same as levels 1 and 2 at about 20 pages.

Level 4
By level 4, stories take on a more sophistucated theme, and books increase in length. Word court jumps to 1200 at this level, but the new vocabulary remains steady at 32-40 wprds as in level 3.

Level 5
The longer stories in level 5 are written for whom require extended reading practice.Stories at this level offer 40-48 new words and a word count of 1700 words.

Level 6
Book at the highest level in the series, level 6, are designed to help transition students to Penerbitan Sdn Bhd’s next graded reader series:Compass Classic Reader. Level 6 reader offer a word count of 2500 words and new vocabulary in each story averages between 40 and 48 words.

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