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Dickens Magic Phonics Sets

  • Dickens Magic Phonics Starter Set
  • Dickens Magic Phonics Advanced Set
800 Grams
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Product Description

Comes with a smart pen 
Featuring crucial components in helping a child to learn how to read, the set introduces step-by-step resources to help a child progress in learning to master letter-sound relationships. The set ensures fast and fun early learning of phonics and helps to build reading confidence.

The set contains Magic Phonics Readers
These four core readers are an essential prerequisite to reading success. They contain all the basics of phonics that a child should grasp at an early age.

Includes Magic Phonics Activity Books
These activity books provide exercises to help reinforce children’s understanding of the sounds learnt in the Magic Phonics Readers. Each of the four phonics activity books is used in correspondence with its reader.

Magic Phonics Sing Along book is fun yet educational 
This sing along book exposes children to the sounds of letters a-z through songs. With easy-to-sing songs and fun movements to mimic, children will easily remember how a letter sounds like through listening to the songs repeatedly.