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Master Synthesis And Transformation Series

  • Master Synthesis Transformation Primary 1
  • Master Synthesis Transformation Primary 2
  • Master Synthesis Transformation Primary 3
  • Master Synthesis Transformation Primary 4
  • Master Synthesis Transformation Primary 5
  • Master Synthesis Transformation Primary 6
  • Sample Page Note Connectors
  • Sample Page Primary 2
  • Sample Page Primary 2
  • Sample Page Primary 2
  • Sample Page Primary 2
  • Sample Page Primary 6
  • Sample Page Primary 6
  • Sample Page Primary 6
  • Sample Page Primary 6
365 Grams
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Product Description

Master Synthesis & Transformation series is formulated according to the syllabus approved by the MOE of Singapore and it consists of six workbooks which provide practical exercises on how to join sentences using appropriate connectors and rephrase sentence without changing their original meanings. Each of the workbooks is organised thematically in such a way that each unit comprises exercises that focus on the use of a specific sentence connector. An example is provided at the start of each exercise as a guide for students. Pictorial stimuli are incorporated into some exercises in an effort to develop student's skill in associating images with textual descriptions.

Synthesising and transforming sentences are two important skills to acquire for sentence construction and, ultimately, composition writing. This series helps strengthen students' grammar skills through familiarising them with common connectors.



  1. 12 pages of notes on common sentence connectors
  2. Carefully crafted exercises with stimulating questions
  3. Full-colour illustrations for selected exercises
  4. Complete answer key for self-assessment
  5. Full-colour layout design that stimulates interest to learn



Mastering Synthesis & Transformation